How can tps help you and your community?

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TPS can staff your emergency department.  Our goal is to foster a work environment that makes physicians want to fulfill their career at your facility.  We aim to staff emergency departments with full time physicians which means longer retention and investment in the system.

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ED Management

We can manage your emergency department from the back end including staffing and credentialing all the way to improving metrics and ensuring compliance.  We can completely take the headache of ER billing and operations away from you allowing you to focus on other areas in need.

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If you have metrics that just are not reaching their benchmarks, let TPS help you make those goals.  We have years of experience in the management and operations of emergency departments.

Our Staffing Solutions

TPS utilizes multiple sources to provide you with the highest quality physicians.
We are very selective about who we work with and only use select staffing companies for physicians.  These companies have shown that they consistently provide highly competent physicians that can adapt to a new work environment and provide exceptional care.  Our physicians collaborate well with staff and do their best to achieve excellent patient satisfaction.
Our Primary goal is to provide you with long term staffing.  We utilize temporary staffing as needed but do our best to fill your schedule with permanent employees that will take a vested interest in your department and your community.