Building Partnerships to serve our community


Triad is founded by three emergency physicians. Who better to understand the needs of emergency department administration, physicians, staff, and patients? Happy physicians and staff directly translates to patient satisfaction and longevity.


Triad draws on its leadership and clinical background to ensure the best care for our patients and best work environment for our staff. We have experience working with both state and federal regulating agencies and understand the importance of quality care and patient satisfaction.



Triad was founded on the principle that we would always provide clear, concise, transparent communication to clients and staff. Our personal service and clear lines of communication enhance our ability to be the excellent leadership team you deserve.


At Triad, we are invested in your entire hospital and community. We have the ability to recruit and retain physicians who have a sense of ownership in the department leading to excellent metrics and improved revenue. We are physician owned and operated which gives you the BEST clinical and leadership experience in the industr

Our Providers

Clinical Excellence

Quality is Key

All Triad physicians are board certified and have the emergency department experience required to provide the highest quality care to our communities.
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Leaders Drive Change

We invest in leadership development for all of our physicians. Our medical directors are best in class and have the skill and experience needed to manage even the most complex situations.
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Custom Solutions

Problem Solving

Triad works with our partners to develop a staffing solution that fits best with their culture. We will eliminate the revolving door of locum tenens and build a stable group of engaged physicians
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Emergency Department Management

Consistently providing high quality care in the emergency department is the most challenging task in a health system.  Even the most clinically skilled providers and staff need strong operational leaders to be successful.  Triad’s leadership team has decades of experience in managing emergency departments and physician groups of all sizes.  We understand the importance of developing and refining processes that ensure the highest quality care our communities deserve.  We are experts in process improvement and work with our partners to achieve excellence.

Our Expertise

Consistent provider staffing
Accurate coding
Decrease throughput times
Optimize the patient experience


Medical staff integration
Community Reputation
Regulatory compliance
Provider/Staff engagement
EHR Optimization

Process Improvement

The current industry standard is a cookie-cutter approach for every emergency department.  This creates a revolving door of staffing groups in most healthcare systems.  At Triad, we understand every emergency department is different and requires a unique approach to achieve excellence.  We begin all of our projects with an on-site assessment to learn about our partners goals.  We work together in development and implementation of custom solutions to overcome obstacles and achieve our objectives

ER Throughput

The mainstay of Triad process improvement..  Let us identify the bottlenecks preventing peak performance and work with your team for a solution.

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Physician Satisfaction

Triad places the right physicians in the right locations.  Our providers are active, engaged members of the edical staff.  We are partners, not vendors.


Community Reputation

We understand the importance of reputation and work tirelessly to earn the trust and respect of the communities we serve.